This week in St Moritz…

With the schools already on holidays and the Olympics just about to kick off, UK airports will no doubt be busier than ever this week and next, as people escape the bedlam and what has – until the last 24 hours – been a poor summer as far as the weather is concerned.

If you haven’t already booked your holiday, can I make a little suggestion?  Why not consider Switzerland?  So often overlooked as a summer holiday destination, I have to admit I prefer it at this time of the year, which some might assume is because I’m not a particularly good skier.  But that’s not altogether true.

While I’m not the world’s best skier, I prefer hiking or biking up mountains, before settling down to a good picnic and a gentle meander back to the hotel, before collapsing into a spa at the end of the day.  I think it’s the fresh mountain air that makes me feel instantly healthier and full of energy.  And, of course, the sunshine, especially in St Moritz, where the sun shines 322 days of the year.  What’s not to like about that?

But there’s another reason why St Moritz is a particularly good place to visit this week and that’s because it’s held the Olympics not once but twice (1928 & 1948), so you can still enjoy the Olympic spirit, without having to be engulfed by it.  The Olympic stadium sits within the grounds of the Kulm Hotel St Moritz, alongside a lovely 9-hole golf course (for those inspired by the British Open last week).

As if that’s not enough, the Kulm Hotel has a fabulous spa, with panoramic views up and down the Engadine Valley, and this week the Festival da Jazz continues, with Britain’s very own Nigel Kennedy in concert on Saturday 29th July…

All in all, I simply couldn’t think of a better place to be this week.


About HEADYcommunications

I'm Sue Heady, a former journalist, now working as a travel PR consultant, keen to connect with all travel media, whether writers, bloggers or broadcasters. Luxury hotels in Switzerland are a speciality, but I also have clients all over Europe and here in the UK.
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