Burned out and in need of a complete break?

I have to confess, I feel burned out and in need of a break…  it’s been non-stop this summer, keeping up with work commitments, as well as all the excitement and essential TV watching generated by the Jubilee and Olympics, not to mention regulars such as Wimbledon.  I don’t seem to have had time to do… nothing.  And I mean nothing, as in totally relax.

So don’t be surprised if I disappear in October for a couple of weeks and head to the luxury Italian health resort Alpina Dolomites to take part in its “Burnout Prevention Retreat”.  The views alone will calm my nerves…

And the air there is so pure and pristine I’m expecting to experience the health benefits as soon as I arrive.

The retreat is being led by Dr Petra Müller-Rupprecht, a specialist in psychosomatic medicine, psycho-analysis and homeopathy, who has been helping people like me for over 20 years.

Each client receives a personally-tailored plan for the duration of their stay, with treatments and activities taking place in the hotel’s designer spa and medical centre as well as out in the spectacular nature that surrounds the hotel.  So I can expect some personal coaching, meditation, holistic treatments, homeopathic support, indoor fitness (Gym Work, Water Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates) and outdoor fitness (Hiking in the Dolomites, Nordic Walking, Mountain Biking), as well as revitalizing and detoxifying food.

The Burnout Prevention Retreat can be booked for 3, 4, 7 or 14 days, with prices starting from €412,00 (approx £324) for the programme only, not including accommodation.  For more information and to book, please contact Healing Hotels of the World; email: meetyou@healing-hotels.com.

Maybe see you there?

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I'm Sue Heady, a former journalist, now working as a travel PR consultant, keen to connect with all travel media, whether writers, bloggers or broadcasters. Luxury hotels in Switzerland are a speciality, but I also have clients all over Europe and here in the UK.
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2 Responses to Burned out and in need of a complete break?

  1. pocketchef says:

    Sounds like bliss to me.

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